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Dr. Rocio Pozo (PhD), Ecoexist Research Fellow, Oxford University

In May 2017, Dr. Rocío Pozo completed her PhD from the University of Oxford! Rocio was the first of our Ecoexist Graduate Fellows to complete her PhD, and we are so proud of her. As a member of our Ecoexist Research Team, Rocio’s work is helping inform and evaluate our efforts to enable people and elephants to share space in the Eastern Okavango Panhandle. Here is a summary of Dr. Pozo’s dissertation, titled “An integrated framework to understanding and effectively mitigating human-wildlife interactions.”

Rocio has 3 publications from her PhD work, see Ecoexist publications for the citations and links to these.

Dr. Pozo worked under the Supervision of Prof. Tim Coulson at Oxford, with co-supervision by our Ecoexist Directors, Dr. Anna Catherine Songhurst, Dr. Graham McCulloch, and Dr. Amanda Stronza. Rocio is now a Research fellow at the University of Sterling!